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Panels to explore creative process

Posted 01/20/03, by Tamara Steinert

Athletes, scientists and artists will discuss their approaches to problems

For the fifth year, the Dartmouth community will have the opportunity to come together for a series of lunchtime panel discussions examining common struggles in the creative process. Free pizza will be served at the meetings, which will be from 12:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in Tindle Lounge on three Thursdays: Jan. 30, Feb. 13 and Feb. 27. All of the panels are open to the public.

Visiting Professor of Film and Television Studies David Ehrlich conceived the series after inviting faculty into a freshman seminar to discuss their creative process.

"They were all so inspiring and helpful for the students that we felt these panels should be open to everyone," he said. "The panelists loved sharing their lives with each other and with the students, and the students could see their profs as warm human beings who were dealing with many of the same problems they had been dealing with."

Although he initially included only artists and scientists in the panels, last year Ehrlich added student athletes to the panels because he had met many who demonstrated creativity in sport as well.

"People sometimes assume that the ways we create are limited by our fields — artists rely on intuition, scientists depend on analytic thinking and athletes use only their bodies. These panels challenge those assumptions and examine the similar struggles creative people face," said Ehrlich. "It's important for students to see that there are a number of ways of gaining inspiration as well as coping with creative obstacles."

For more information, contact David Ehrlich at 646-3418.

Topics and panelists include:

  • Jan. 30: "Navigating through Physical and Socio-Political Obstacles"
    Panelists: former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, Geography Professor and mystery author George Demko, composer and Professor of Music Kui Dong, ski team member Brooke Wood '05
    Moderator: David Ehrlich, animator and Visiting Professor of Film and Television Studies
  • Feb. 13: "Overcoming Procrastination and Blocks"
    Panelists: poet and English Lecturer Gary Lenhart, writer Chris Robinson, Vice Provost and Biology Professor Mary Lou Guerinot, skating team member Rebecca Bruccoleri '05
    Moderator: Tricia Shalka '05
  • Feb. 27: "Will Success Impede or Increase Creativity?"
    Panelists: Provost and Professor of Russian Barry Scherr, computer scientist and MacArthur Fellow Daniela Rus, Professor of Studio Art emeritus Varujan Boghosian and Lauren Welsh '03, a world record holder and member of the field hockey team
    Moderator: Associate Dean of the Faculty and Dean of Graduate Studies Carol Folt

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