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Dartmouth sophomore Kabir Sehgal: Jazz virtuoso, entrepreneur and, now, Global Leader

Posted 04/10/03, by James Donnelly

Kabir Sehgal
(photo by Joe Mehling '69)

Dartmouth sophomore Kabir Sehgal was named today as one of only 100 second-year undergraduates from 17 countries honored as Goldman Sachs Global Leaders. The students will each receive $3,000 and will be honored in award ceremonies at which renowned leaders in the public, civic and private sector will discuss current leadership challenges.

Sehgal, of Atlanta, Ga., is pursuing a double major in computer technology applications and music at Dartmouth. He recently started his third company, which specializes in Internet consulting and product design, where Sehgal serves as Chairman and CEO. Sehgal is an accomplished jazz bassist in Dartmouth's jazz band, The Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble. He recently won the National Outstanding Soloist Award, given by his mentor, Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. In 2000, he and a jazz trio that he created were featured in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. His playing has been included on numerous professional recordings.

"There is nothing like feeling the groove, expressing yourself and letting your soul dance," Sehgal said.

Sehgal, who worked last summer as an intern with Senator John D. Rockefeller IV in Washington D.C., has been chosen by Senator Joe Lieberman to run his presidential campaign at Dartmouth for the upcoming 2004 Presidential elections. A staff columnist with The Dartmouth, the campus's student newspaper, Sehgal is at work on a book about the Ivy League.

"There is nothing like feeling the groove, expressing yourself and letting your soul dance."

-Kabir Sehgal '05

Sehgal is also fluent in four languages: Hindi, Punjabi, French, and English.

"I enjoy talking about my Indian heritage with others and learning about cultures worldwide," he said.

The Goldman Sachs Foundation, along with its partner organization, the Institute of International Education, created the Global Leaders Program to identify and reward the academic excellence and leadership potential of 100 of the most accomplished second-year students to foster their leadership skills and prepare them for service to society and their future professions.

- James Donnelly

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