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Excelling as a Dartmouth student-athlete

Posted 04/07/03, by Kyle Austin

Steele '03 received the Class of 1948 Scholar Athlete Award
(photo by Joe Mehling '69)

Carolyn Steele '03 says efficiency is probably her middle name. With the job she's done balancing field hockey, ice hockey, and engineering during her four years at Dartmouth, it's safe to say this can only be an understatement.

Her athletics file is stuffed full of accolades, mostly from her successes in field hockey. During her star-studded career, she was named first team All-Ivy three times, third team All-America in 2001, and second team All-America in 2002.

She'll leave Dartmouth as the team's third all-time leading scorer with 60 points. With all that, you would think it would be an easy choice if there were ever a hypothetical conflict between a field hockey and an ice hockey game. Right?

"That's tough," she says. "I'd probably be with the field hockey team, not necessarily because I like the sport better, but because I'd be more of an impact player in the game."

Steele simply loves to play both sports. Even though her role on the ice may not be as substantial, she feels it has taught her a lot about herself and what teamwork really is.

"During my freshman year on the hockey team, I really wasn't playing that much, but I told myself it was only my first year," she says. "But here it is, I'm a senior and my role is a little more substantial than when I was a freshman, but it's definitely the same kind of grind-line role where I take what I can get. I think it's taught me how to be a stronger player and a better leader and helped me understand all the aspects and roles that make up a team."

"I know I'm not the smartest person here, I know I'm not the best athlete, and I'm willing to work hard to at least try to be the best."

-Carolyn Steele '03

However, Steele acknowledges that if there's a future for her athletically, it's in field hockey. She's planning to train hard this spring, so she can compete in a national summer field hockey league.

Even with a possible promising athletic career in front of her, Steele's academic accomplishments and goals will most likely take center stage when she graduates. Although she can't decide between 21 and 12-her respective ice and field hockey numbers-she understands the most important number representing her is 3.8-her cumulative GPA. In 2001 she received the Class of 1948 Scholar Athlete Award, which is given annually to the most outstanding male and female student-athletes at Dartmouth.

When she began her studies in engineering, her goal was to leave with a degree in engineering sciences and begin designing equipment for disabled athletes. She's not far from reaching that goal. "I may have an opportunity to go study in England next year in a sports technology program and get my feet on the ground and [get] going in the right direction," Steele says.

Through it all, she remains modest and unsatisfied, attributes she believes are the keys to her success. "I know I'm not the smartest person here, I know I'm not the best athlete, and I'm willing to work hard to at least try to be the best."

- Kyle Austin

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