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Faculty Venture Fund grants awarded

Posted 10/03/03, by Sue Knapp

Dean Michael Gazzaniga recently created the Dean of Faculty Venture Fund for Intellectual Coalitions, which promotes innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. According to Gazzaniga, the fund will supply the resources necessary to launch new scholarship initiatives at the intellectual crossroads, and it will provide time for participating faculty members to obtain long term operating support.

"We received 25 proposals from faculty," says Gazzaniga, "and I worked with the Associate Deans to choose three initiatives to support this year. The proposals were all innovative and reflected the first-class scholarship at Dartmouth. It was a difficult decision we had to make."

The 2003 Dean of Faculty Venture Fund for Intellectual Coalitions will support:

Quantum Information Science Initiative

This project will blend the established team in nanostructure research and quantum measurement with several new faces in the Physics and Astronomy Department. The Fund will support postdoctoral and graduate fellowships, and interdisciplinary seminars and workshops for faculty and advanced students. The fellowships will go to young scientists and students who will develop a bridge between the core faculty and groups in related disciplines, including mathematics, computer science and engineering. Principal contacts are Miles Blencowe and Walter Lawrence.

The Center for Social Brain Sciences

This project involves scholars from across the College who are examining the cognitive and biological basis of the social mind. Faculty will advance and draw from important evidence from brain imaging research about the cognitive mechanisms underlying the capacity to perceive and understand others' mental states, the neural mechanisms involved in perceiving, identifying and evaluating other humans, and the various cognitive processes that contribute to the unique human sense of self. Principal contacts are Todd Heatherton, Neil Macrae, Jennifer Richeson, William Kelley, Abigail Baird, Jay Hull, Kevin Dunbar, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Scott Grafton.

Center for the Study of the Representation of Human Variety and Cultural Difference

This new center will focus on the visual representation and cultural expressions of human diversity, ethnicity and race throughout history. The center aims to advance historical understanding and thereby will enhance current awareness of unexamined prejudices through public forums, academic conferences and discussions. At its core the center is international, interdisciplinary and collaborative, emerging from strong academic links between art history departments at Dartmouth and University College, London. The major activities of the Center will include: the compilation of an archive of visual information; and the fostering of discussions among distinguished visitors, the Dartmouth faculty from a range of departments and programs across all divisions and the College's students. Principal contact is Angela Rosenthal.

The Dean's Office will soon request proposals for next year's Venture Fund.

- By Sue Knapp

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