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Student Life Initiative brings plans for new facilities and social options

Posted 03/08/01

Two years after Dartmouth College announced its Student Life Initiative (SLI) - a broad program to enhance student life at the school - plans are moving forward on a range of fronts, from programming to facilities to recreational opportunities.

"Dartmouth's students, faculty and administration are working hard to achieve the goals established by the Trustees for the SLI, and the progress to date is gratifying. We will continue to pursue the full implementation of the initiative at the most rapid pace possible," said Dean of the College James Larimore.

The SLI, announced in February 1999, aims to expand residential and social options for students and to better integrate learning inside and outside the classroom.

The College continues to expand the programming available to students. For example, more funds have been allocated and a full-time director has been hired for the "Bigger, Better and Later" program, which collaborates with students to develop activities and programs for the Dartmouth community.

In addition, subsidized arts and athletic tickets, the addition of a student dance club, and new outdoor basketball courts, among other items, have expanded social options. Creation of a new weekly Campus Community Hour gives students the opportunity to gather for a variety of formal and informal programs.

The SLI has had an impact on infrastructure at Dartmouth as well. Advisor positions for several campus affinity groups, including the Latino/Latina, Asian and Asian-American, African American, and Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender students, have been increased from half- to full-time.

The college also has begun planning for two new undergraduate residence halls, a new dining and social facility and creation of new graduate student housing on campus. Each of the new residence halls will offer double and single rooms and a large community center for group activities. They will also include a kitchen for community dinners or catered events, lounges with student space and kitchens on each floor. Graduate student life will be enhanced by the construction of additional housing for approximately 100 people, as well as the establishment of a graduate student center.

A new dining and social center to be located at the north end of campus will augment the Collis Student Center (near the center of campus), and will serve both undergraduate and graduate students. This facility will include space for graduate students as well as additional social and administrative spaces for Dartmouth faculty and staff.

Dartmouth President James Wright said, "It is exciting to be moving forward on so many fronts of the Student Life Initiative. These facilities will ensure that the residential and social experience will complement and reinforce ever more strongly the excellence of our academic offerings."

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