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Dartmouth WISP participates in mentoring programs

Posted 10/24/00

As evidence mounts about the importance of mentors for young women considering careers in the sciences, Dartmouth's Women In Science Project (WISP) again is offering female students the opportunity to be paired with peer mentors, as well as with adults already in science professions.

Upperclass women will share their experiences with younger students through the peer mentoring program, which will have a kickoff event on Thursday, Oct. 26. WISP also will participate this fall in MentorNet, an innovative electronic mentoring service for women pursuing careers in engineering and the sciences.

"Advice and support from both peer and professional mentors can help women succeed in those science and engineering fields where they continue to remain underrepresented," said Kathy Scott Weaver, WISP Assistant Director.

Approximately 200 students were part of the peer mentoring program last year, according to Weaver, while 34 Dartmouth students were matched with advisors using MentorNet. Nationwide, MentorNet expects to link 2,200 female engineering and science majors from 64 colleges and universities with volunteer mentors working in private industry and government labs.

Created by former Thayer School Associate Dean and WISP co-founder Carol Muller, MentorNet first opened in winter 1998. The Women in Science Project at Dartmouth initiated the two year pilot program that launched the national program. Students and mentors communicate via email.

"Because MentorNet uses email and other electronic technologies, it can link many more students and mentors than traditional mentoring programs relying on face-to-face meetings," said Muller, MentorNet founder and executive director. "MentorNet helps level the playing field between women and men planning for careers in engineering and other sciences."

Interested students and prospective mentors can visit WISP's Web site or MentorNet's web site for more information.

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