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Engineering profs chosen as NH "Entrepreneurs of the Year
Two professors from Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering will be honored June 4 for contributing to the advancement of technology-based business in New Hampshire. [06/01/07]

Dartmouth undergrad solves longstanding astronomical puzzle
A team of astronomers has recalculated the explosion date of the famous Crab Nebula supernova and found excellent agreement between their measurements and the classic date of the 1054 A.D. appearance of a bright "guest star" seen in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. The research was led by Gwen Rudie, a senior physics major at Dartmouth. [05/29/07]

Dartmouth develops program for terrorism response training
Dartmouth's Interactive Media Laboratory (IML) has launched a new, video game-based training program for first responders featuring simulated terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction. [05/17/07]

National tech reporters at Dartmouth for discussion of science and media
On May 15th, Dartmouth and its Thayer School of Engineering will host six national science and technology reporters for a panel discussion on the challenges they face in their field. [05/09/07]

Dartmouth engineering students launch hybrid racecar competition
Gas-electric hybrid automotive technology could get a boost from a new annual competition organized by a team from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. [04/03/07]

Dartmouth to host Arctic Science Summit Week
Between March 14 and 20, more than 200 scientists, engineers, policy makers and representatives of native peoples will convene on the Dartmouth campus for the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), a rare chance for international coordination between science, governance and social policy with the shared goal of better understanding and protecting the Arctic. [03/08/07]

Dartmouth students build online archive featuring historic mathematician
Three hundred years ago, a prolific and influential mathematician named Leonhard Euler was born in Switzerland. During his 76-year lifetime, he wrote more than 850 papers covering various topics such as fluid mechanics, naval science, calculus, cartography, acoustics, optics, and solar, lunar, and stellar motion. [02/01/07]

Dartmouth earns high marks for sustainability
Dartmouth has received a grade of A- for its efforts in endowment transparency and sustainability, a term that refers to environmentally sound activities. [01/26/07]

The winds of change
Dartmouth researchers have learned that the prevailing winds in the mid latitudes of North America, which now blow from the west, once blew from the east. [01/23/07]

Finding patterns of importance in a deluge of data
Dartmouth engineers George Cybenko and Vincent Berk think that PQS, or process query systems, are the way to go to make sense of the huge volume of data we collect each day from computer network monitors, video surveillance cameras, financial transaction records, databases of email exchanges, etc. [01/09/07]

New studies link mercury pollution hotspots to U.S. coal-fired power plants and other sources
A Dartmouth researcher is part of the team that has identified five known and nine suspected biological mercury hotspots in northeastern North America, and the researchers suggest that coal-fired power plants in the U.S. are major contributors. [01/08/09]

Video: Racing into the future

Dartmouth researchers find new information about Earth's origins
Two Dartmouth researchers have learned more about the origins and makeup of the solar nebula, the large gaseous cloud thought to have spawned the solar system. [10/05/06]

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