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Views from the Green

"It is, as I have said ... a small podcast; and yet, there are those who love it." (with apologies to Daniel Webster, Dartmouth Class of 1801)

The Lewin Post-Graduate Fellowship

Joe Kardon and Juliet Coffey
Dalian Long '07 and Becca Wehrly '06

Recorded April 6, 2009

Becca Wehrly '06 and Dailan Long '07 recently completed the Olga Gruss Lewin Post-Graduate Fellowship, an endowment established in 2000 by Andrew Lewin '81 to support graduates who are pursuing significant acts of citizenship and service after graduation with a non-profit organization. Becca worked in underserved communities in South Texas performing a variety of public health and medical projects, while Dailan returned to his native community on the Navajo Reservation in the Four Corners Region of New Mexico to bring environmental awareness regarding the effects of a proposed coal-burning power plant. In this podcast, the two talk about their fellowship project, the most rewarding and challenging parts of their experience, and how they were able to make a difference in the communities they served.

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