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"It is, as I have said ... a small podcast; and yet, there are those who love it." (with apologies to Daniel Webster, Dartmouth Class of 1801)

Reshaping the World Order

Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth
Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth (photo by Joseph Mehling '69)

Recorded February 23, 2009

Dartmouth government professors Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth say that this is not yet a post-American world, and the U.S. remains an unambiguous global superpower that has the ability to reshape the global system. The two have published their analysis in the March/April 2009 issue of Foreign Affairs in an article titled “Reshaping the World Order: How Washington Should Reform International Institutions.” Wohlforth, the Daniel Webster Professor of Government at Dartmouth, and Brooks, an associate professor of government, are also the authors of World Out of Balance: International Relations and the Challenge of American Primacy (Princeton University Press, 2008). In this podcast they explain their reasoning and offer a few suggestions to the Obama administration.

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