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Views from the Green

"It is, as I have said ... a small podcast; and yet, there are those who love it." (with apologies to Daniel Webster, Dartmouth Class of 1801)

The Perils of Apology Diplomacy

Jennifer Lind
Jennifer Lind

Recorded August 13, 2007

Jennifer Lind, Assistant Professor of Government, has done extensive research in the fields of Japanese and East Asian security policy and U.S. foreign and military policy. She has researched and written on the subject of historical memory in international relations and is the author of the forthcoming book Sorry States: Apologies in International Politics, due out in 2008 from Cornell University Press. In this installment of Views from the Green, Lind talks to Genevieve Haas about her findings on the subject of national apologies and discusses the not-so-obvious trade-offs between victims' rights and domestic policy goals.

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