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Dartmouth/DHMC Team One List

The first Dartmouth medical team to fly to Haiti
The first Dartmouth medical team to fly to Haiti, l-r: Carter Dodge, M.D.; Kevin Armstrong, RN; Philip Bernini, M.D.; Anthony Albert, M.D.; Rajan Gupta, M.D.; Kimberly Gagnon, RN; Kurt Rhynhart, M.D.; Michael Hawkins, CRNA; Christopher O'Connell, RN. (photo by Joseph Mehling '69) More photos at Dartmouth's Flickr photostream

The official Dartmouth Team One is a team of ten individuals. All nine Dartmouth/DHMC medical personnel in Team One departed on a plane for Santo Domingo on Saturday, January 16 at 7 a.m., with plans to then travel from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. Sadrac Blaise, Team One’s Interpreter and the tenth member of the team, met up with the Dartmouth Team at Santo Domingo and is accompanying Team One in their travels and work in the hospitals. 

Dartmouth Team One returned to Hanover and Dartmouth on Monday, Jan. 25.

Team One Members from Dartmouth / DHMC (9):

Rajan Gupta, MD - Dartmouth Team One Leader
Trauma Surgeon

Anthony Albert, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Kevin Armstrong, RN, MSN
Emergency Nurse

Philip Bernini, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Carter P. Dodge, MD

Kimberly P. Gagnon, RN, BSN
Intensive Care Nurse

Michael Hawkins, CRNA, BSN, MS
Nurse Anesthetist

Chris O’Connell, RN, BSN
Flight Nurse and Critical Care Ground Transport Nurse

Kurt K. Rhynhart, MD
Trauma Surgeon

Team One Members from Haiti (1):

Sadrac Blaise – Dartmouth Team One Interpreter
Citizen of Haiti Interpreter

Last Updated: 1/28/10