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2002-2003 National Scholarship Winners: Christian Vorys '03

Fulbright Scholarship

Christian Vorys '03
Christian Vorys '03
(photo by Joe Mehling '69)

Vorys, an engineering sciences major, is working on his senior thesis, looking at various methods for creating cartilage tissue in the lab. He plans to build on this research at the University of Malaya, researching tissue engineering and artificial organs. "I am fascinated by the possibility of manipulating technology so that people can hopefully walk and exercise without pain," he said.

The son of an international business professor, Vorys traveled internationally as a child. "I was the only kid I knew that had been to Budapest but not Manhattan," he said. He spent his first year of college at the University of Texas at Austin, but transferred to Dartmouth his sophomore year searching for opportunities to work more closely with professors. A sports-related injury sparked his current interest. Vorys, who completed pre-med requirements, says his dual interest in medicine and engineering may be genetic. He combines the two fields of his grandfathers, one a doctor and the other an engineer. Vorys says working in Malaysia will be a perfect opportunity, both to explore a new part of the world and to be immersed in some of the exciting technological projects occurring in the region. "The chance to study in a place where technology is growing so rapidly would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he says.