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Mission, Vision, Values


Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs advances the reputation and mission of Dartmouth by telling its story in a compelling manner. Our work, which is often a first point of contact with the College, targets and facilitates engagement with multiple constituencies through digital, print, and event-based communications.


We aspire to be a leader among college and university communications programs, setting a standard for effectiveness. Recognizing the role of changing technologies, our vision is to create innovative communications that capitalize on both conventional tools and new media. We believe that effective programming grows from interactive relationships with constituents and the integration of communications across the College.


In pursuit of our vision, the members of the Office of Public Affairs staff share these values:

  • An appreciation of the value of higher education in modern society.
  • An understanding of Dartmouth’s position as a leader in higher education.
  • An understanding that maintaining and enhancing Dartmouth’s stature and reputation are critical to its future success.
  • An appreciation of the contributions made to our educational environment and our workplace by the inclusion among us of individuals representing a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities, economic circumstances, perspectives, races, religions, national origins, and sexual orientations.
  • A commitment to personal and professional integrity in our relationships and dealings with the people with whom we come in contact in the course of doing our work.
  • An appreciation of the importance of the personal and professional credibility we demonstrate, and for which we are known.
  • A commitment to establishing and nurturing relationships as the basis on which all of our Public Affairs programs are built.
  • A recognition of the importance of a collaborative environment in which we seek opportunities to enhance each other’s work and learn from one another.
  • A commitment to creating a workplace in which our staff is encouraged to use their individual skills and talents to advance Dartmouth’s mission.
  • A dedication to ongoing self-assessment and constant improvement of all that we do.

Last Updated: 1/5/10