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Project #1:

Colot, H.V., Park, G., Turner, G.E., Ringelberg, C., Crew, C.M., Litvinkova, L., Weiss, R.L., Brokovich, K.A., Dunlap, J.C. A high-throughput gene knockout procedure for Neurospora reveals functions for multiple transcription factors. Proc Natl Acad Sci. USA 103(27):10352-10357, 2006.


J. J. Loros and J. C. Dunlap, Circadian Rhythms, Photobiology and Functional Genomics in Neurospora.  Volume XIII The Mycota. "Fungal Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics". Editor  Alistair J P Brown, pp 53-74, 2005.

H.V. Colot, G. Park, C. Ringelberg, C. Crew, S. Curilla, J.J. Loros, K. Borkovich and J.C. Dunlap. Use of yeast recombinational cloning and a Neurospora crassa strain defective in non-homologous end joining for high-throughput production of gene replacement mutants. Fung. Genet. Newsl. #143, 2005.

M. Nowrousian, C. Ringelberg, J.J. Loros, J.C. Dunlap, C. Würtzl, S. Pögger, and U. Kück, Comparative genomics and cross-species mmicroarray hybridization with Sordariamacrospora and Neurospora crassa. Fung. Genet. Newsl. #193, 2005.

Project #2:

H. Hood, J.E. Galagan, B.W. Birren, J.C. Dunlap, and M.S. Sachs. The Neurosporacrassa community genome annotation project. Fung. Genet. Newsl. #137, 2005.

Mi Shi, William Belden, Arun Mehra, Allan Froehlich, Randy Lambreghts, James E. Galagan, Bruce W. Birren, Jay C. Dunlap, and Jennifer J. Loros A High Density SNP map for Neurospora crassa. Fung. Genet. News. #180, 2005.

Project #3:

Kasuga, T. J. P. Townsend, C. Tian, L. B. Gilbert, G. Mannhaupt, J. W. Taylor and N. L. Glass. Long-oligomer microarray profiling in Neurospora crassa reveals the transcriptional program underlying biochemical and physiological events of conidial germination. Nucleic Acids Research 33(20):6469-85, 2005.

Townsend, J.P., and J.W. Taylor. Designing experiments using spotted microarrays to detect gene regulation differences within and among species. In “Methods in Molecular Evolution: Producing the biochemical data, Part B”, Zimmer, E., and Roalson, E., eds., Academic Press: Methods in Enzymology 395:597-617, 2005.

Meiklejohn, C. D. and J. P. Townsend. A Bayesian method for analyzing spotted microarray data. Briefings in Bioinformatics 6(3):1-14, 2005.