Forthcoming Publications

"German Jews and American Realism," Constellations, forthcoming.

"Identity," Encylopedia of Political Thought (Oxford: Oxford University Press), forthcoming.

"Aggressive Democracies," St. Anthony's International Review, forthcoming.


"American Social Scientists and the Military: World War II to the Present," in Joey Ansorge, Tarak Barkawi and Dorothy Noyes, eds., Overwhelming Knowledge: Experience and Expertise in Contemporary Conflict, forthcoming.

"Achilles, Neuroscience and International Relations," to appear in Daniel Jacobi & Annette Freyberg-Inan, eds., Man, Agency and Beyond (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

"Spirit, Recognition and Foreign Policy: Germany and World War II," to appear in Erik, Ringmar, The International Politics of Recognition (Boulder, Co.: Paradigm, forthcoming).

"Thucydides and International Relations Theory," to appear in Neville Morley, ed., Thucydides and the Modern World: Reception, Reinterpretation and Influence from the Renaissance to Today (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011).

"The End of the Cold War as a Non-Linear Confluence," to appear in Vit Smetana, Oldrich Tuma and Kathleen Geaney, eds., The End of the Cold War: A Twenty Year Retrospective.

"Mexico and Iraq: Continuity and Change in the Bush Administration," coauthored with David Bohmer Lebow. To appear in David B. MacDonald, The Bush Leadership, the Power of Ideas and the War on Terror (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2010).