Norris Cotton Cancer Research Laboratories

Selected Publications

Selected from over 200 publications

The following recent studies were conducted in Dr. Israel's laboratory by postdoctoral fellows and students working under his direct, daily supervision. The projects were conceived by Dr. Israel and the experimental strategies refined in association with the fellows and students.


Tada T, Nguyen JB, Hitoshi Y, Watson NP, Dunn JF, Ohara S, Nagano S, Kosai K, Israel MA.
Diffuse encephaloventriculitis and substantial leukoencephalopathy after intraventricular administration of recombinant adenovirus.
Neurol Res. 2005 Jun;27(4):378-86.

Liang Y, Diehn M, Watson N, Bollen AW, Adlape KD, Nicholas MK, Lamborn KR, Berger MS, Botstein D, Brown PO, Israel MA. Gene expression profiling reveals molecularly and clinically distinct subtypes of glioblastomas multiforme. PNAS 2005 Apr 19;102(16):5814-9. Epub 2005 Apr 12. (PDF file)

Yun K, Mantani A, Garel S, Rubenstein J, Israel MA. Id4 regulates neural progenitor proliferation and differentiation in vivo. Development. 2004 Nov;131(21):5441-8. Epub 2004 Oct 06.(PDF file)

Murphy DJ, Swigart LB, Israel MA, Evan GI.
Id2 is dispensable for Myc-induced epidermal neoplasia.
Mol Cell Biol. 2004 Mar;24(5):2083-90. (PDF file)

Weiss WA, Burns MJ, Hackett C, Aldape K, Hill JR, Kuriyama H, Kuriyama N, Milshteyn N, Roberts T, Wendland MF, DePinho R, Israel MA.Genetic determinants of malignancy in a mouse model for oligodendroglioma.Cancer Res. 2003 Apr 1;63(7):1589-95. (PDF file)

Houghton PJ, Adamson PC, Blaney S, Fine HA, Gorlick R, Haber M, Helman L, Hirschfeld S, Hollingshead MG, Israel MA, Lock RB, Maris JM, Merlino G, Patterson W, Reynolds CP, Shannon K, Yu A, Yu J, Smith MA.Testing of new agents in childhood cancer preclinical models: meeting summary. Clin Cancer Res. 2002 Dec;8(12):3646-57.

Tsuyoshi Tada, Mike Wendland, Nathan Watson, Nagato Kuriyama, Hiroko Kuriyama, Tim Roberts, Michael Burns, William Weiss, Mark A. Israel. A head holder for magnetic resonance imaging that allows the stereotaxic alignment of spontaneously occurring intracranial mouse tumors. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 116 (2002). (PDF file)

Nathalie A. Lokker, Carol M. Sullivan, Stanley J. Hollenbach, Mark A. Israel, and Neill A. Giese. Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) Autocrine Signaling Regulates Survival and Mitogenic Pathways in Glioblastoma Cells: Evidence That the Novel PDGF-C and PDGF-D Ligands May Play a Role in the Development of Brain Tumors. CANCER RESEARCH 62, 37293735, July 1, 2002. (PDF file)

Martha L. Simmons, Kathleen R. Lamborn, Michelle Takahashi, Pengchin Chen, Mark A. Israel, Mitchel S. Berger, Tony Godfrey, Janice Nigro, Michael Prados, Susan Chang, Fred G. Barker II, and Ken Aldape. Analysis of Complex Relationships between Age, p53, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, and Survival in Glioblastoma Patients. CANCER RESEARCH 61, 1122­1128, February 1, 2001. (PDF file)

David S. Rickman, Rachana Tyagi, Xiao-Xiang Zhu, Miroslav P. Bobek, Suzan Song, Mila Blaivas, David E. Misek, Mark A. Israel, David M. Kurnit, Donald A. Ross, Phillip E. Kish, and Samir M. Hanash. The Gene for the Axonal Cell Adhesion Molecule TAX-1 Is Amplified and Aberrantly Expressed in Malignant Gliomas. CANCER RESEARCH 61, 2162­2168, March 1, 2001. (PDF file)

Nagato Kuriyama, Hiroko Kuriyama, Carol M. Julin, Kathleen R. Lamborn, and Mark A. Israel. Protease Pretreatment Increases the Efficacy of Adenovirus-mediated Gene Therapy forthe Treatment of an Experimental Glioblastoma Model. CANCER RESEARCH 61, 1805­1809, March 1, 2001. (PDF file)

Kuriyama N, Kuriyama H, Julin CM, Lamborn K, Israel MA. Pre-treatment with protease is a useful experimental strategy for enhancing adenovirus mediated cancer gene therapy. Human Gene Therapy. Hum Gene Ther. 2000 Nov 1;11(16):2219-30.

Carola H. Biederer, Stefan J. Ries, Markus Moseri, Monica Florio, Mark A. Israel, Frank McCormick, and Reinhard Buettner. The Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors Myogenin and Id2 Mediate Specific Induction of Caveolin-3 Gene Expression during Embryonic Development. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 275, No. 34, Issue of August 25, 2000. (PDF file)

Mary J. Janatpour1, Michael T. McMaster, Olga Genbacev, Yan Zhou, Jian-Yun Dong, James C. Cross, Mark A. Israel, and Susan J. Fisher. Id-2 regulates critical aspects of human cytotrophoblast differentiation, invasion and migration. Development 127, 549-558 (2000). (PDF file)

Haas-Kogan DA, Kogan SS, Yount G, Hsu J, Haas M, Deen DF, Israel MA. P53 function influences the effect of fractionated radiotherapy on glioblastoma tumors, Intl J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 43:399-403, 1999.(PDF file)

Haruhisa Maruyama, Jorg Kleeff, Stefan Wildi, Helmut Friess, Markus W. Buchler, Mark A. Israel, and Murray Korc. Id-1 and Id-2 Are Overexpressed in Pancreatic Cancer and in Dysplastic Lesions in Chronic Pancreatitis. American Journal of Pathology, Vol. 155, No. 3, September 1999. (PDF file)

RHODA M. ALANI, JENS HASSKARL, MIRANDA GRACE, MARIA-CLEMENTIA HERNANDEZ, MARK A. ISRAEL, AND KARL MU NGER. Immortalization of primary human keratinocytes by the helix­loop­helix protein, Id-1. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 96, pp. 9637­9641, August 1999. (PDF file)


Pedro J. Andres-Barquin, Maria-Clemencia Hernandez, and Mark A. Israel. Id4 Expression Induces Apoptosis in Astrocytic Cultures and Is Down-regulated by Activation of the cAMP-Dependent Signal Transduction Pathway. Experimental Cell Research 247, 347­355 (1999). (PDF file)

Florio M, Hernandez M-C, Yang H, Shu H-K, Cleveland JL, Israel MA. Id2 promotes apoptosis by a novel mechanism independent of dimerization of basic helix-loop-helix factors, Mol Cell Biol 18:5435-5444, 1998.(PDF file)

HUI-KUO G. SHU, MOSES M. KIM, PENGCHIN CHEN, FELIX FURMAN, CAROL M. JULIN, AND MARK A. ISRAEL. The intrinsic radioresistance of glioblastoma-derived cell lines is associated with a failure of p53 to induce p21BAX expression. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 95, pp. 14453­14458, November 1998. (PDF file)

MONICA FLORIO, MARIA-CLEMENCIA HERNANDEZ, HUI YANG, HUI-KUO SHU, JOHN L. CLEVELAND AND MARK A. ISRAEL. Id2 Promotes Apoptosis by a Novel Mechanism Independent of Dimerization to Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Factors. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, Sept. 1998. (PDF file)

Lee J. Helman, Thomas G. Ahng, Michael A. Levineg, Audrey Allison, Pamela S . Cohen, Mark J. Cooper, David V. Cohnll, and Mark A. Israel. Molecular Cloning and Primary Structure of Human Chromogranin A (Secretory Protein I) cDNA. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 263, No. 23, Issue of August 15, pp. 11559-11563,1988 (PDF file)

Shu H-KG, Kim MM, Furman F, Julin CM, Israel MA. The intrinsic radioresistance of glioblastoma-derived cell lines is associated with a failure of p53 to induce p21BAX expression, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95:14453-14458, 1998.(PDF file)

Akio Mantani, Maria-Clemencia Hernandez, Wen-Lin Kuo, Mark A. Israel. The mouse Id2 and Id4 genes: structural organization and chromosomal localization. Gene 222 (1998). (PDF file)

Maria-Clemencia Hernandez, Pedro J. Andres-Barquin, Salvador Martinez, Alexandro Bulfone, John L.R. Rubenstein, and Mark A. Israel. ENC-1: A Novel Mammalian Kelch-Related Gene Specifically Expressed in the Nervous System Encodes an Actin-Binding Protein. The Journal of Neuroscience, May 1, 1997, 17(9):3038­3051. (PDF file)

Hernandez M-C, Andres-Barquin PJ, Martinez S, Bulfone A, Rubenstein JLR, Israel MA. ENC-1: A novel mammalian kelch-related gene specifically expressed in the nervous system encodes an actin-binding protein, J Neurosci 17:3038-3051, 1997.(PDF file)

A. LASORELLA, A. IAVARONE, AND M. A. ISRAEL. Id2 Specifically Alters Regulation of the Cell Cycle by Tumor Suppressor Proteins. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, June 1996. (PDF file)

Lasorella A, Iavarone A, Israel MA. Id-2 specifically alters the regulation of the cell cycle by tumor suppressor proteins, Mol Cell Biol 16:2570-2578, 1996.(PDF file)

James Fick, Fred G. Barker II, Paul Dazin, Eileen M. Westphale, Eric C. Beyer, and Mark A. Israel. The extent of heterocellular communication mediated by gap junctions is predictive of bystander tumor cytotoxicity in vitro. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. Vol. 92, pp. 11071-11075, November 1995. (PDF file)

Joseph Biggs, Elizabeth V. Murphy, and Mark A. Israel. A human Id-like helix-loop-helix protein expressed during early development. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 89, February 1992 (PDF file)

Jeffrey M. Friedman, Maria Vitale, Jonathan Maimon, Mark A. Israel, Marc E. Horowitz, and Bruce S. Schneider. Expression of the cholecystokinin gene in pediatric tumors. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Vol. 89, July 1992. (PDF file)

Antonio Iavarone, Katherine K. Matthay, Terri M. Steinkirchner, and Mark A. Israel. Germ-line and somatic p53 gene mutations in multifocal osteogenic sarcoma. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Vol. 89, May 1992. (PDF file)

Neal Rose, Joseph B. BolenlIII , Arnold M. Schwartz, Pam CohenS, Virginia DeSeaun, and Mark A. Israel. Analysis of pp60c-s'c Protein Kinase Activity in Human Tumor Cell Lines and Tissues. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 261, No. 29, Issue of October 15, 1986 (PDF file)

Joseph B. Bolen and Mark A. Israel. In Vitro Association and Phosphorylation of Polyoma Virus Middle T Antigen by Cellular Tyrosyl Kinase Activity. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 269, No. 19. Issue of October 10, 1984 (PDF file)

Joseph B. Bolen and Mark A. Israel. Inhibition of Polyoma Virus Middle T Antigen-associated Tyrosyl Kinase Activity by N-Ethylmaleimide." THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 258, No. 24, Issue of December 25, 1983. (PDF file)

Mark A. Israel, David F. Vanderryn, Marcia L. Meltzer, and Malcolm A. Martin. Characterization of Polyoma Viral DNA Sequences in Polyoma-induced Hamster Tumor Cell Lines. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 255, No. 8, Issue of April 25, 1980 (PDF file)