NCAA Skiing Championships, Dartmouth College

March 8: Wall, Johansson win NCAA slaloms; Utah wins team title

March 7: Utah's Smigun repeats in NCAA women's 15-k; NMU's Cook edges Vermont's Foster in men's 20-k

March 6: Strong giant slalom showing moves Utah to top of team standings at NCAA Skiing Championships

March 5: New Mexico leads after one day of NCAA Skiing Championships


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NCAA Skiing All Academic team announced

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(603) 646-2286

More than 160 student-athletes have been honored by the NCAA as menbers of the NCAA Skiing All Academic team.

The team was announced Monday, during the 2003 NCAA Skiing Men's and Women's National Collegiate Champsionships, hosted by Dartmouth College. Athletes named to the team must have attained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for the fall term and must have competed at their own regional championships.

The NCAA Skiing Championships will be held March 3-5, with Nordic ski events at the Dartmouth Cross Country Ski Center in Hanover and Alpinee racing at the Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme Center, NH. For complete information, see the official official Championships Web site at

2003 NCAA Skiing All Academic Team:

Nicole Deyong, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Sarah Hansen, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Thomas Jantunen, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Mandy Kaempf, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Julie-Pierre LeClerc, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Kiersten Lippman, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Dana Mosman, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Tobias Schwoerer, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Zach Violett, University of Alaska-Anchorage

Sigrid Aas, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Juraj Brugos, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Michele Malak, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Diana Heimerl, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
John Heimerl, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Jonas Tetlie, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Erinn Whittmer, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Erik Wickstrom University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Andrew Hardy, Bates College
Seth Karpinski, Bates College
Kathryn Bennett, Bates College
Megan Germscheid, Bates College
Jane Marshall, Bates College

Caroline Riss, Colby College
Charlie Reed, Colby College
Tom Richardson, Colby College
Robert Saunders, Colby College
Anna Carville, Colby College
Ezra Dore-Hark, Colby College

Jessica Argabright, College of St. Benedict
Katherine Aubrecht, College of St. Benedict
Britt Peterson, College of St. Benedict
Rachel Williams, College of St. Benedict

Tahir Bisic, University of Colorado
Fritz Ernemann, University of Colorado
Mike Read, University of Colorado
Jed Schuetze, University of Colorado
Josh Smullin, University of Colorado
Nick Sterling, University of Colorado
Amy Beresford, University of Colorado
Claire Critchley, University of Colorado
Muriele Huberli, University of Colorado
Erin McEachren, University of Colorado
Tove Pashkowski, University of Colorado

Peter Anderson, Dartmouth College
Eileen Carey, Dartmouth College
Emily Chenel, Dartmouth College
Emily Copeland, Dartmouth College
Alison Crocker, Dartmouth College
Megan Ganong, Dartmouth College
Susan Kloek, Dartmouth College
Scott Meek, Dartmouth College
Jennifer Mygatt, Dartmouth College
Brayton Osgood, Dartmouth College

Karin Camenisch, University of Denver
Tara Hamilton, University of Denver
Niina Karvonen, University of Denver
Kristin Kreibel, University of Denver
Christina Metzger, University of Denver
Barbara Knor, University of Denver
Aaron Bolduc, University of Denver
Jack Gervais, University of Denver
August Teague, University of Denver
Hennie Kashiwa, University of Denver
Amund Hansen, University of Denver

Anna Bingham, Harvard University
Bess Feller, Harvard University
James Ross Macdonald, Harvard University
Anna McLoon, Harvard University
Ryan Myers, Harvard University
Sam Simon, Harvard University
Matthew Perone, Harvard University
Rachael Wagner, Harvard University
Susannah Dickerson, Harvard University

Tim Lewandowski, Macalaster College
Ari Ofrevit, Macalaster College
John Wheeler, Macalaster College
Renee Schafer, Macalaster College
Amy Voytilla, Macalaster College

Joe Bettendorf, Michigan Technological University
Jennifer McConville, Michigan Technological University
Kristina Owen, Michigan Technological University
Karl Walczak, Michigan Technological University

Diana Johnson, Middlebury College
Nina Porcelli, Middlebury College

Ingrid Abrahamson, Montana State University
Charis Gollickson, Montana State University
Kristine Kleedehan, Montana State University
Alexandra Munteanu, Montana State University
Emily Robbins, Montana State University
Hilary Turner, Montana State University

Jesse Carlstrom, University of Nevada
Jessica Ford, University of Nevada
Emma Garrarrd, University of Nevada
Christie Hinman, University of Nevada
Quincy Young, University of Nevada

Jennifer Conant, University of New Hampshire
Gretchen Czaja, University of New Hampshire
Catherine Casey Collins, University of New Hampshire
Sydney Mikkelson, University of New Hampshire
Alice Milu, University of New Hampshire
Gregory Blaisdell, University of New Hampshire
Joseph Dunn, University of New Hampshire

Alex Freberg, University of New Mexico
Lars Bjorge, University of New Mexico
Gottfried Schwarzmueller, University of New Mexico
Jacob Zehnder, University of New Mexico
Janelle Kinner, University of New Mexico
Kathrin Spendier, University of New Mexico
Anna Karin Strandberg, University of New Mexico
Martina Stursova, University of New Mexico
Jenny Wissting, University of New Mexico
Helena Woodrow, University of New Mexico

Chris Cook, Northern Michigan University
Rachel Dow, Northern Michigan University
Shannon Dikkema, Northern Michigan University
Stephanie Howe, Northern Michigan University
Katherine Huemmer, Northern Michigan University
Matt Nielsen, Northern Michigan University
Hilary Patzer, Northern Michigan University
Jordan Seethaler, Northern Michigan University
Maria Stuber, Northern Michigan University
Bryan Cook, Northern Michigan University
Matt Nielsen, Northern Michigan University
Hjalmar Westie, Northern Michigan University

Jaime Petsch, St. Cloud State University
Jenny Mead, St. Cloud State University
Jenny Lanin, St. Cloud State University

Chad Gregg, St. John's University
Sean Laidio, St. John's University
Donald Harris, St. John's University

Kristin Fellows, St. Lawrence University
Kevin Hart, St. Lawrence University
Mike Hart, St. Lawrence University

Spencer Powlison, St. Michael's College

Barbro Hatlevik, University of Utah
Lina Johansson, University of Utah
April Mancuso, University of Utah
Anna Sprague, University of Utah
Elisha Stephens, University of Utah
Petra Svet, University of Utah
Kiersti Veum, University of Utah
Tony Bozzio, University of Utah
Jernel Bukovec, University of Utah
Anders Hansson, University of Utah
Torin Koos, University of Utah
Zack Simons, University of Utah

James Cochran, University of Vermont
Amy Cochran, University of Vermont
Kathryn Crawford, University of Vermont
Molly Gray, University of Vermont
Anja Jokela, University of Vermont
Emily Klemp, University of Vermont
Marie Korzenecki, University of Vermont
Jane LaMasurier, University of Vermont

Kelly Ahern, Western State College
Ryan Ahern, Western State College
Brian Gregg, Western State College
Teresa Neururer, Western State College

Tara Gregg, Whitman College
Laura Valaas, Whitman College
Jennifer Zappone, Whitman College

Ashley Carter, Williams College
Kate Leonard, Williams College
Elise Henson, Williams College
Melody Scheefer, Williams College
Gillian Sowden, Williams College
Jordan Goldwarg, Williams College

Anne Fait, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Angela Gaetz, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Heidi Hittner, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Marina Martin, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Tracy Reich, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Johanna Winters, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Ben Mogren, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Shane Hoelz, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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