The Navigators are an international, nondenominational ministry whose aim is to help people love God and others by following Jesus Christ. It is our desire as an 'organization' to serve you and be available as a resource to you as you explore faith in Christ or as you grow in your faith in Him. But our goal is not simply to be an 'organization'; meaningful relationships with God and with fellow men and women are what truly matter. To this end we are a loosely defined community where the common denominator is Jesus, and human relationships are important. This web of friendship reaches into every Dartmouth community, and as a part of it we seek to live meaningful and healing lives committed to God. Events we hold and programs we run are aimed to support this goal, but they are not the goal in and of themselves. Last year, many students were 'involved' with the Navigators at Dartmouth, as defined by attending an event or program. But our real hope is that EVERYONE in the Dartmouth Community is 'involved' through relationship with someone who is trying to follow God.

To this end, we hope you will connect with us in some way. Some easy ways to do this initially are of course through meeting people at events and programs. We host a weekly gathering called Thursday Night Fellowship (TNF) which meets 8:00 PM in Rollins Chapel. This is a student-run fellowship which features worship, praise, group interaction and a wide range of speakers. Many students also put together small group Bible studies and dorm discussion groups. Perhaps most central to the fellowship is one-on-one mentoring by students and staff.

We hope you will connect with The Navigators, but most of all we hope you will find God in your life. He is nearer than you think.

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