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Native American Writing Prize

After King Philip's War

"The Native American Writing Prize is awarded each year by the Native American Studies Program in recognition of one outstanding piece of writing or consistently excellent writing by a Dartmouth Native student.  In some years  two students have been given the award. The award has been funded since 1997 by royalties from the sale of the book, After King Philip's War: Presence and Persistence in Indian New England, edited by Colin G. Calloway and others.   The funds will be supplemented by a portion of the royalties from the forthcoming book Native Americans and Dartmouth: The Indian History of an American Institution, edited by Professor Colin G. Calloway."

Award Recipients:

Grace Hart [2013] For her independent study work, Grace's prize winning paper was entitled, "The Over-Representation of Native American Youth in the Criminal Justice System in New Mexico."

Meghan A. Sigvanna Topkok  [2013] (Iñupiaq) Meghan was awarded the writing prize for her paper, "The relationship of Alaska State and Tribal Governments Through the Lens of Child Welfare."

Blythe K. George [2012] (Yurok) For her Senior Thesis Project:" Native American Academic Performance: Does School Type Matter?"

Hunter Cox [2011] (Prairie Band Potawatomi) For his senior thesis: "The Bolivian Constitution: A Truly Ethnic Phenomenon?"

Terra L. Branson [2010] Muscogee (Creek) For her Senior Thesis: " Enduring Political Change: The Story of Mvskoke."

Shannon Prince [2009] (Cherokee) graduated as a Senior Fellow. Her senior thesis was entitled "Bones in the Other World."

Alexanna Salmon [2008] (Yupik / Aleut). Alexanna graduated Dartmouth with a double major in Native American Studies and Anthropology.   Her award was based on her senior thesis:  'Igyararmiunguunga': Qallemciq Nunaka Man'I Kuicaraami-lu. 'I Belong to Igiugig': The Story of My Home on the Kvichak River."

Dailan Jake Long [2007] (Navajo). Dailan graduated with a major in Native American Studies. For his senior honors thesis: "Diyin Nohookaa Dine nihi'doo'nid, We are called the Holy Earth-Surface People: Navajo Resistance to Cultural Genocide, Environmental Injustice, and the Desert Rock Energy Project."

Megan Elizabeth Lukaniec [2006] (Huron / Wyandot). Megan graduated with a major in Native American Studies. For her Final Project in French 78 with Professor Beasley, she was awarded the Writing Prize:  "Partageant le Message de Dieu: Les Consequences du Christianisme chez la Nation Huronne-Wendat."

2005 kidsJaclyn Rae Johnson [2005] (Confederated Salish / Kootenai).  For her Senior Thesis: "The Tribal Science Council: Redefining Health and Knowledge at the E.P.A."

Marie Kainoa Fialkowski [2004] (Native Hawaiian). For her NAS 85 Independent Study project and resulting paper: "Healing Journey from 'Sugar:' Native Empowerment Through Health."

Andrea Marlene B. Abeita [2004] (Navajo). Andrea graduated Dartmouth with a major in Native American Studies.  For her spring term 2004 Independent Research project and resulting paper: "Stories, Oral and Written: A Native Perspective."

Aja Kateri DeCoteau [2003] (Yakama / Chippewa). Aja was awarded the prize for her senior thesis:  "Nch'I-N-usux W'anapa (Salmon in the Big River): Salmon and their Keepers Along the Columbia  River."

Veronica Elizabeth Pipestem [2002] (Osage). For her senior English project: "Fleur and the Manitous."

Laura Beth Duncan [2001] (Comanche). Laura graduated with a major in Engineering Science and a Minor in Studio Art. She received the writing prize for her final paper in NAS 40 - Introduction to American Indian Languages:  "Comanche Cultural and Linguistic Change."

Catherine Virginia McCarthy [1999] (Eastern Cherokee). Cat received the writing prize for her Honors Thesis in Native American Studies:  "Keepers of the Fire: Cherokee Philosophy and South Carolina Relations in the 18th Century."

Elizabeth Alva Sumida [1998] (Wanka). Elizabeth graduated Dartmouth with a modified major in Anthropology and Native American Studies.  Her writing project concentrated on post-colonization writing as a form of revolutionary thought and resistance in Peru. Her title: "Waling on Stones and Dir: Wanka Storytelling in Chongos Bajo."

William Wood [visiting from Williams College, 1997] (Cherokee). Bill graduated with a Major in History.  He received the writing reward for his final history research project: "The Social, Political, and Economic Atmosphere of the Treaty of New Echota."

Brooke Mosay Ammann [1997]  (St. Croix Band Chippewa). Brooke majored in Religion and received a Minor in Native American Studies. She was awarded the Writing Prize for her autobiographical essay "And Still ..... I Walk."

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