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Native American Studies Program

37 North Main Street
The Sherman House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3530
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Native American Studies: NAS 49

The Land of Totem Poles: Native Peoples of the NorthWest Coast (Identical to Anthropology 49)

Not offered in the period from 13F through 15S

With the complex social organization, elaborate ceremonies, fascinating mythology, and flamboyant "art", the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast represent a truly unique "culture area" of Native North America. The course surveys several cultures of this region (from the coast of Oregon to southeastern Alaska), drawing upon early travelers' accounts, anthropological works, native testimony, artifacts from the Hood Museum of Art, and films. Lectures, class discussions, and student presentations will deal with the "classic" Northwest Coast cultures of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as well as their modern versions.

Open to all classes. Dist: SOC; WCult: NW. Kan.

Last Updated: 7/22/13