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Native American Studies Program

37 North Main Street
The Sherman House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3530
Fax: (603) 646-0333
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Native American Studies: NAS 15

NAS 15

American Indians and American Expansion:1800 to 1924(Identical to History 15)

14S, 15S : 9L

This course surveys the historical experiences of Indian peoples in the United States from 1800 to the Citizenship Act of 1924 ( with, this year attention to major developments from 1924 to the present). It will trace the consistent themes and shifting strategies of United States Indian policy but the main purpose is to understand the experiences, survivals and revivals of Native American communities in the face of American expansion and massive external pressures.

Open to all classes. Dist: SOC; WCult: NW. Calloway 

Last Updated: 7/22/13