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Native American Studies Program

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The Sherman House
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Native American Studies: Faculty

Deborah L. NicholsName: Deborah L. Nichols (e-mail)

Title: Professor of Anthropology

Education: Pennsylvania State University, B.A., 1973; M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1980

Courses Taught: NAS 11

Professor of Anthropology, Professor Nichols' course NAS 11, cross listed with Anthropology 11, "Ancient Native Americans," is included in the Native American Studies menu of course offerings. Professor Nichols is an archaeologist who specializes in the pre-contact history of North and Middle America and has conducted long-term fieldwork in northern Arizona and highland Mexico. Her work in the Southwest has focused on Anasazi settlement and population on Black Mesa and has been published in scholarly journals, such as Kiva and in a series of research volumes by the Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University. With her colleagues, Anthony Klesert and Roger Anyon, who direct archaeology programs for the Navajo Nation and Zuni Nation, respectively, she has written on Native American concerns of reburial and repatriation in her article, Ancient Sites, Shrines, and Graves: Native American Perspectives on the Ethics of Collecting Cultural Properties. Professor Nichols has also published numerous articles on the evolution of ancient civilizations in the Basin of Mexico. Her fieldwork there has looked at the roles of craft specialization, exchange, and hydraulic agriculture in the development of prehistoric states and cities. Her most recent publications include "Watering the Fields of Teotihuacan: Early Irrigation at the Ancient City", Aztec Craft Production and Specialization: Archaeological Evidence from the City-State of Otumba" (with T. Charlton and C. Otis Charlton) "Late Post-Classic and Colonial Period Elites at Otumba, Mexico" (with T. Charlton), and "Irrigation Canals and Chinampas: Recent Research in the Northern Basin of Mexico".

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