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Native American Program
6037 Robinson Hall, Room 206
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-2110
Fax: 603-646-9168

Upcoming Events

Powwow May 10th-11th, 2014

Native American Pre-Orientation Sept. 4th-7th, 2014

Weekly Events


6:15-7:00p-Powwow meetings
Robinson 106

7:00-8:00p-NAD Meetings
NAD Lounge


4:15-5:00p-Dartfit-West Gym Track
Alumni Gym


2:00-4:00p-NAP Office Hours
NAD Lounge


2:00-4:00p-Afternoon Tea
NAD Lounge

4:15-5:00p-Dartfit-West Gym Track
Alumni Gym


3:00-5:00p-Baking & Bonding


3:00p-Native Women's Group


Visit our Facebook page for more events and details!


2011 Pow Wow Schedule

Saturday May 7th, 2011


6:00am Blessing of the Ground

12:00pm Invocation

Presentation of the Colors

Grand Entry

Flag Song

Honor Song

12:45pm Dance Competition Begins

Tiny Tots—1 Song

Junior Girls—1 Song

Junior Boys—1 Song 

1:30pm Honoring

2:00pm Inter-Tribals

2:15pm Dance Competition Resumes

Women’s Fancy—2 Songs

Women’s Jingle—2 Songs

Women’s Traditional—2 Songs

3:30pm Honoring of Cody Lavender ‘10

4:00pm Dance Competition Resumes

Inter-Tribal—1 Full Drum Rotation

Men’s Fancy—2 Songs

Men’s Grass—2 Songs

Men’s Traditional—2 Songs

Inter-Tribals—1 Full Drum Rotation 

5:15pm Honoring of Dartmouth Native Americans in the Class of 2011

5:45pm Retire the Colors

7:00pm Community Dinner @ Native American House


Sunday May 8th, 2011

12:00pm Invocation

Presentation of the Colors

Grand Entry

Flag Song


1:00pm Honoring

1:30pm Competition Begins

Junior Girls—1 Song

Junior Boys—1 Song

Inter-Tribal—2 Songs

Women’s Fancy—1 Song

Women’s Jingle—1 Song

Women’s Traditional—1 Song

2:45pm Honoring of Mothers

3:15 PM Give Aways/Specials/Hand Drum Competition

 4:45pm Competition Resumes

Men’s Fancy—1 Song

Men’s Grass—1 Song

Men’s Traditional—1 Song

Inter-Tribal—1 Full Drum Rotation

Potato Dance


Round Dance

6:00pm Announcement of Competition Winners

Victory Song

Closing Ceremonies

Retire the Colors

6:30pm Powwow Concludes for the Day

Last Updated: 5/2/11