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Celebration of Music at Dartmouth 2011

Each year, the Music Department hosts a series of concerts that feature new works by contemporary composers. Graduate and Undergraduate students may showcase their works alongside those of established composers. The compositions are then performed by faculty, students, and special guests invited by the department. This year, the Voxare Quartet is the featured performance group partaking in the festival. Learn more about the Voxare Quartet at

• Thursday, April 28 • 6:00-7:00pm • Hood Museum, Second-floor Galleries

Opening Night: Music of Flux

The Contemporary Music Lab will be performing a mini "Fluxus Happening" in conjunction with the Hood's exhibit, "Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life" To see some of the Fluxus scores for the event, visit The Voxare Quartet will also be playing new works by Alex Wroten, Alison Matek, and more.

• Sunday, May 1 • 4:00-6:00pm • Faulkner Recital Hall

Composer Showcase

Dartmouth students will be performing new works composed by faculty and students. Featuring works by Christian Wolff, Alison Mattek, Nicolas Chuaqui, Sarah Harris, and Alex Dupuis. Performers include Anna Bladey, Emily Tomlinson, Megan Ehresmann, Rob Contuzzi, Damaris Altomerianos, Leslie Sonder, and Julia Floberg.

• Tuesday, May 3  • 7:00-8:00pm • Spaulding Auditorium

Then and Now: 1711-2011


Performers will be showcasing works from the Baroque Era to the present day. Featuring the Voxare Quartet, Julia Floberg, Alex Ogle, and Spencer Topel performing works by Bach, Reich, Topel, Kant, Dupuis, and Wroten. To learn more about the event, visit To see the playbill, go to






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