Welcome to the online home of Dartmouth Mock Trial! One of the largest and most successful mock trial programs across the country, Dartmouth sends at least one team to a national tournament every year. Since its inception in 1996, Dartmouth has sent teams frequently to tournaments in Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Furthermore, Dartmouth is one of the few programs that is run completely by students. Last season a Dartmouth Mock Trial team, captained by Zak Moore and Emily Fiocco, earned 10th place at the Tucson Silver Bid Nationals. Along the way, several team members also won individual awards. Zak Moore won an Outstanding Attorney award at the Bristol tournament, Amaka Nneji took home an Outstanding Witness award in Tucscon, and Hillary Mimnaugh earned Outstanding Attorney awards in both Bristol and Tucson.

If you're new to Mock Trial, take some time to browse our website. For information on joining the team, be sure to check out the Join Us page for information on how to sign up. Dartmouth Mock Trial is open to all members of the Dartmouth community, and welcomes students to embark on an experience that hundreds have found challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding.

Mock Trial competitions consist of presenting a complete legal case, including opening statements, closing arguments, and three witnesses per side. Witnesses are portrayed by students, who assume the role of their character for the entirety of the trial. Students acting as attorneys are responsible for the representation of their client, and engage in opening statements, direct and cross examination of each witness, and closing arguments. Each element of the case is scored by judges, and the team with the higher overall score out of the 140 possible points wins. At each competition, teams try the same case four times, twice as the Defense and twice as the Plaintiff/Prosecution.

New members must compete on a team in the fall. These teams, comprised of both new and returning members, will attend an invitational tournament in the Northeast. During the winter term, Dartmouth teams attend a Regional tournament. Our strong showings at Regional competitions have routinely earned us spots in Spring National competitions across the country. In the past, Dartmouth has sent teams to as many as five tournaments per year.

This year's officer board is extremely proud of what Dartmouth Mock Trial has accomplished over the past decade, and is looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence that has defined Mock Trial at Dartmouth for so long.

Since Dartmouth is one of the few schools in the country that is completely uncoached, students are responsible for every aspect of managing the organization, including planning and organizing trips, teaching newcomers about the Federal Rules of Evidence and the nuances of collegiate competition, and deciding on team composition.

That's not to say that Mock Trial members are all work and no play. We think you'll find that the typical Mock Trial student is witty, grounded, bright, and engaging. We're confident that, in the spirit of Dartmouth, no other Mock Trial team has as much fun competing and succeeding as we do.

Many thanks to Megan Hamilton '06, our original website designer, a great friend to all she knew at Dartmouth, and a successful competitor as well. We also greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of Robby Higdon '10 and Trent Carden '10, our current web editors.

- Dartmouth Mock Trial 2008-2009

Brenna Jenny '09, President
Mike Russell '09, Vice President of Organization
Matt Chong '11, Vice President of Membership
Bill Lundin '09, Treasurer
John Lane '10, Secretary

Meet us at the Activities Fair: Collis Commonground, 5-7 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 24
Information Session: Carson L01, 5:30 PM, Thursday, Sept. 25
Tryouts: Collis 218, Monday and Tuesday, Sept.29 and 30. Come to the Information Session to receive tryout materials and sign up for a time slot.