Ayres Abstracts

Rubenstein, D.R., C.P. Chamberlain, R.T. Holmes, M.P. Ayres, J.R. Waldbauer, G.R. Graves, and N.C. Tuross. 2002. Linking breeding and wintering ranges of a migrant songbird using stable isotopes. Science 295:1062-1065. Link to full text via Dartmouth network.
We used the natural abundance of stable isotopes (carbon and hydrogen) in the feathers of a neotropical migrant songbird to determine where birds from particular breeding areas spend the winter and the extent to which breeding populations mix in winter quarters. We show that most birds wintering on western Caribbean islands come from the northern portion of the species' North American breeding range, whereas those on more easterly islands are primarily from southern breeding areas. Although segregated by breeding latitude, birds within local wintering areas derive from a wide range of breeding longitudes, indicating considerable population mixing with respect to breeding longitude. These results are useful for assessing the effects of wintering habitat loss on breeding population abundances and for predicting whether the demographic consequences will be concentrated or diffuse.
Related: Hobson, K.A. 2002. Incredible journeys. Science 295: 981-983. Link to full text via Dartmouth network.

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