Southern pine beetle system

SPB damage in NJ Pinelands
Southern pine beetle adults (photo by Erich Vallery)
Adult beetle in pitch tube
Southern pine beetle larvae with clerid predator
Loblolly pine under attack by southern pine beetle (Erich Vallery)
Mycangium on female adult (photo by Stan Barras)
Mutualistic fungi in beetle mycangia
Collage of images
Aerial photograph of infestation
Maps and remote sensing images
Visualization of spot growth

Ips bark beetle system in Great Lakes States 

Ips pini adults and larvae in red pine phloem
Specialist predator (Thanasimus dubius) with Ips pini
Canopy photographs of old growth red pine forests
Red pines infested by Ips bark beetles
Decline of infested red pine #713 during one year
Decline of infested red pine #724 during one year
The early formation of cat-faced scars on red pines
Well developed cat-faced scars on red pines

Image libraries by taxon

Coleoptera: Scolytidae (seminal rods from Dendroctonus in Mexico and Arizona)
Acari (phoretic mites)
Coleoptera: Cleridae
Late summer caterpillars from Hubbard Brook Forest
Southern pine beetle associates
Abundant population of uglynest caterpillars, Archips cerasivorana (Tortricidae).  Feeding on chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) near Hanover, NH.  June 2009.  Includes some associated insects.  Related link
Neodiprion sertifer
(Pinus nigra; NH, USA)
Skeletal reconstruction of Canis latrans


Tarsonemus 1
Tarsonemus 2
Trichouropoda, Dendrolaelaps, and nematodes 
Tarsonemus on phloem agar (innoculated with O. minus)
Male Tarsonemus carrying female pupa 

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