Fig. 5.3b. Red pines attacked by bark beetles at Itasca State Park. Photos are of the same tree (#724 in Table 5.1) taken in September 1998 (left) and September 1999 (right). Tree sustained charring to 8 m on the trunk and was colonized within the scorched area by Ips pini during 1998. Copious resin flow restricted damage (see Chapter 6), but the tree was sustaining additional attacks in 1999. This tree may survive the attacks, but has been permanently girdled on a portion of the lower trunk, will develop a cat-faced scar if it survives long enough, and will more be susceptible to future fires (because of the loss of insulating bark and because the white pine next to it, which succumbed to the fire and subsequent attacks by bark beetles, will increase fuel loads during the next fire (Figs. 6.6 - 6.8). See Fig. 5.3a for a tree that succumbed immediately to infestation by Ips.
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