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Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym

"Keep your eyes open, take risks, and whenever possible, don't do things the way everyone else does."

-Jonathan Belden Daniels '86

The JBD Climbing Gym is a veritable Mecca for Dartmouth climbers.

The Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym, located in the basement of the Maxwell River Apartments, was opened to the public on October 10, 1994. The opening was the culmination of a decade-long effort by members of the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club and the Outdoor Programs Office to bring a world-class indoor climbing facility to Dartmouth. Many students, faculty and alumnae/i participated in the design and construction of the twenty-three foot tall climbing wall.

The gym is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Belden Daniels '86, an avid outdoorsman and active member of the DMC, who died in an avalanche in Poland's Tatra Mountains. Daniels was instrumental in establishing the climbing classes which have taught hundreds of Dartmouth students how to climb. More recently the climbing gym has received a donation from the family of Charles (Chuck) Drake '90. He and Josh Hane died in an avalanche in Alaska recently. This money has been used to expand the gym into the neighboring racketball court and will provide more safety instruction to members of the DMC.

Gym pass can be purchased from the on-duty monitor during open hours. Regular hours are 5-11pm Sunday thru Thursday, 5-8pm on Friday, and 5-11pm on Saturday. Exam period and interim gym hours are on an ad-hoc basis, basically whenever a monitor feels like opening it up. For more information, visit the Daniel's Climbing Gym Wiki Page

Climbing PE Classes

Every term, DMC offers numerous physical education courses through the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) and Outdoor Programs Office (OPO). Check the PE or DOC blitz bulletins at the beginning of each term to see what's available.

Buildering on Campus

A great a place where DMC members boulder on campus is on the walls of Rolling's Chapel. Other campus buildings that are available for top-roping are: Gerry, Bradley, and Bartlett Tower. Check with the current DMC chairs about access and policy regarding buildering.

Gear Lockers

Probably the coolest thing about the DMC is the amount of gear the club has available for members to use. There are three lockers for personal climbing trips: toprope, trad and expedition. These lockers hold all of the DMC's ropes, draws, trad gear, big wall gear, and crash pads.

The Toprope Locker. The toprope locker contains all of the gear necessary to set up toproped climbs around campus and at local areas like Pickledish. Topropes (older lead ropes still in good condition), slings, carabiners, and belay plates.

The Trad Locker. The lead locker contains more gear than you could ever want. Ropes of every kind, dozens of draws, guidebooks and trad gear. Oh the trad gear! Nuts, BD Cams, Aliens, jumars, fifi hooks, RURPs, and more!

The Expedition Locker. The expedition locker contains all the rest of the stuff the DMC owns, but doesn't belong in the other lockers. Tents, stoves, pots, filters, tarps, some of less frequently used trad gear, and enough white gas to level Robo.

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