2003 Dartmouth Undergrad Comp report, by John Joline:

Many thanks to everyone who came to the 9th Annual Dartmouth Climbing Festival/Competition last sunday!

This year's format consisted of 2.5 hours of preliminary bouldering on 76 problems, followed by a finals round in each division, with each finalist allowed 5 minutes to work the problem.

(These problems are still UP, btw, so come on down if you haven't already and enjoy this veritable Chinese restaurant menu of excellent routes! Red tape = easiest; brown tape = medium to hard; black tape = hard to hellacious.)

FINAL ROUND HIGHLIGHTS (complete comp results at end of blitz):

The finals competition was especially exciting (it always is), with hard and well-crafted routes challenging the contestants, all of whom did themselves proud. Recreational women climbed with skill and creativity on a tricky, necky, "highball" route, while their male counterparts showed their stuff on an extremely technically-devious footwork-and-balance-intensive set of moves.

"Intermediate" men in fact looked quite *expert* as they powered their way through a challenging, physical sequence on the wave wall, getting spit off by a reachy surge high up to a marginal sidepull. (Good show, lads!)

Pre-comp speculation was that the women's Gym Rat final might prove too burly and spit all the contestants off early in the route. In your dreams! The three finalists cranked through the opening moves with aplomb, launched aggressively and smoothly into, and through, the horizontal-body burlfest and showed their tenacity on the wave-wall crimps until the pump and the increasingly desperate moves finally did them in. Eyes were definitely opened by these performances, particularly by Robin Batha's smooth cruise of nearly the entire route.

Gym Rat men faced a massively powerful, technical, sloper-intensive route on the steepest part of the wave wall. Right from the get-go the route was full-on in-your-face hard; the first two guys battled out the initial couple/three moves but were quickly done in by this monster. Hyperpowermeisters James Joslin and Michael Golub ended the comp in spectacular, muscle-popping fashion by both rocketing aggressively, yet precisely, through the opening sequence up to a manically hard stopper-move in mid-route, where Mike eked out the win by "sticking" a handhold that James was able to hit but not control. Very impressive, very high-level performances!

If you didn't make it this year, SEE WHAT YOU MISSED!?! We hope you'll be there in 04!

(Intercollegiate comp HERE less than 2 weeks hence. Last year we had over 80 climbers from 18 different colleges come to our gym to compete!)



(Preliminary round points for top 6 routes is in brackets: eg, [15]. It's interesting that order-of-finish so closely corresponded to points earned in the prelim round -- for the most part.)



(1) Lisa Borowsky [15]
(2) Rachel Halsema [14]


(1) Paul Mozur [23]
(2) Luke Evans [22]
(3) Jeff Woodward [19]
(4) Jeff Grossman [22]


Women's: no entrants :-(


(1) Andrew Bates [34]
(2) Will Morrison [29]
(3) JP Connolly [31]



(1) Robin Batha [34]
(2) Christine Balaz [34]
(3) Laura Case [31]


(1) Michael Golub [50]
(2) James Joslin [43]
(3) Barry Hashimoto [40]
(4) Kelly Sheridan [36]

Route setters:

Dave Asmussen '02
Erica Barnes '99
Marc Fenigstein '01
Ben Fuller '98
Paula Huston
John Joline '70
Nathalie Kapp
Gabriel Martinez '99
Ben Miller '01
Michael Pirozzi '00
David Quaid '06
Cheryl Shannon '00
Ann DeBord Smith '99
Kevin Tompsett '00
Jon Waldman '00

(Many thanks to all the route-setters, especially to those who travelled all the way from Boston specifically to help out!)

Comp photographer:

Keith Kotay [adv] '98