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What is the DMC?

The DMC was founded in 1936 as a student-run club, and carries with it a long history of climbing and mountaineering all around the world. Today it is still student-run, and is officially a branch of the Dartmouth Outing Club. We run climbing trips to Cathedral/Whitehorse Ledges and Cannon in the White Mountains of NH, the Shawanagunks and the Adirondacks in NY, and Rumney, the hard sport climbing mecca of the northeast. Over Spring Break we leave the cold of Hanover for the warmer half of the country, recently exploring areas like Hueco Tanks, Jack's Canyon, Joshua Tree, and Red Rock Canyon.

Mountaineering club members indulge themselves in every form of climbing possible; from the long aid routes on El Capitan to the burly boulder problems of Hueco Tanks; from the loose trad climbs of Cannon to the sharp security of Rumney sport climbing.

The DMC meets every Tuesday night during the term (around 7pm) for a feed and to plan the upcoming weekend's trip. Check blitzmail or this website to find out where feeds will be each term.

The DMC is also in part responsible for the campus climbing gym, providing staff and routesetting support. The gym, dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Daniels, is located in the basement of the Maxwell Kade German Center near the River Dorms.

More esoterically, the DMC is a mentality, a desire to do the most within our collective time here at Dartmouth. Members of the DMC share a common drive to excel that extends beyond the rock. Sometimes this enthusiasm is a little too much for the college. The incident of four climbers ascending to the top of Baker Tower stands as only one example.

What do I need to do to Join?

There are no formal requirements for joining the DMC. All we ask is that you be a paid member of the Dartmouth Outing Club. If you are not a member already, you may want to check out the DOC website before heading to Robinson Hall to take care of membership dues (only $35 for your entire Dartmouth student career). Once that is taken care of, blitz the chairs of the Mountaineering Club at climb@dartmouth.edu. They'll take care of you.

Once you are a member of the DMC, your e-mail address will be placed on the "dmc" mailing list and you will begin to receive information on upcoming trips, meetings (or feeds), climbing gym hours, and quick blitzes about on-campus climbs being set up.

How involved you get with the DMC is completely up to you. Some members just come to the climbing gym every now and then for a workout. Others don't spend a single weekend on campus because they are climbing so frequently. The best ways to meet up with people to get involved is to stop by one of the weekly meetings or to come down to the climbing gym in the evening.

DMC Leadership

Just to keep things fresh, the DMC elects new student co-chairs every term. There are also a few adult administrator types who help keep things running smoothely and provide us with a bounty of supplies. Brian Kunz of Outdoor Programs (OPO) is the head honcho when it comes to approving trips and various budgets. Kathy Decato handles all the funds for the DOC and the DMC. If you ever need to pay for a trip or get money for a feed, go see her in Robinson Hall.

That takes care of the "official leadership" of the DMC, but you'll find that numerous climbers take charge of the different trips and other activities. John Joline '70 is a mentor to all Dartmouth climbers and probably the most influential person in the DMC. He formerly taught lead climbing and technique classes most terms through the PE program and is also the former manager of the JBD Climbing Gym. If you haven't met John, you're not really a part of the DMC yet. The Climbing Gym manager is now Andrew Palmer '10.

You'll also find a number of students who do their part to keep the DMC running smoothly. They are the van drivers, old club chairs, and exceptionally motivated kids who keep things from falling apart. These are the DMC leaders. Thank them when you see them, they'll appreciate it.

DMC Leader Process - Right now you might be thinking, how does the DMC choose its leaders? First of all, two co-chairs are chosen at the beginning of each term to head the club. Underneath them are all of the certified leaders. Want to become a leader? We wrote this nifty little document just for you!

Leader List - You can also feel free to ask them any questions about trips, feeds, or the gym. Need a climbing partner or want gear from the locker? Send one of these fine young fellows or gals a blitz. You can also access the leader list in the Leader Databse

Current DMC Co-Chairs

  • Joanna Schneider

Sport Leaders

  • Andrew N. Mertens
  • Anna M. Morenz
  • Brannon Cavalier
  • Brenna M. Gibbons
  • Eric M. Rosen
  • Jay W. Dumanian
  • Joanna P. Schneider
  • Kyle Heppenstall
  • Laura Bryn Sisson
  • Malia N. Reeves
  • Michael J. Swartz
  • Nancy G. Dietman
  • Remington S. Franklin
  • Riley N. Kane
  • Theodore R. Sumers

Leaders in Training

  • Alex Procton
  • Andi Liebowitz
  • Ari Koeppel
  • Ariana Sopher
  • Caleb Ladue
  • David Rice
  • Gray Kelsey
  • Jacob Wolf
  • Joey Gabianelli
  • John Thompson
  • John Zeiter
  • Lily Albrecht
  • Lynn Jones
  • Peter Mamrol
  • Phoebe Reid
  • Randall Stacy
  • Todd Anderson


  • Andrew Mertens

Red Rocks Spring Break Trip

Over spring break, the DMC sends a group of students to Red Rocks, Nevada, for 2 weeks of climbing on awesome sandstone. We do trad, sport, and bouldering...and the occasional trip to the hot springs. This trip is open to beginners. It is a great way to get involved in the DMC and get to know upperclassmen.

Expedition Fund

The Expedition Fund "exists to enable Dartmouth student club members to undertake expeditions that might otherwise prove prohibitively expensive. It is the intent of the fund to foster the spirit of adventure that is at the core of Dartmouth Mountaineering, and to encourage club members to seek personal challenge and develop climbing and mountaineering skills."

Recent trips include climbing in South Africa, Spain, Ceuse, and the American Southwest; ski mountaineering in the Tetons; and mountaineering on Denali and in Peru.

The DMC leadership meets once a term to evaluate proposals, offer advice on trips, and give out funding. Watch out for a blitz early in the term from the DMC account about how to write a proposal and start planning your trip!

This document coinatins a more complete description of how to apply. Feel free to email the DMC account to ask for examples of past proposals

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