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Bernard Malamud

MalamudMay 1980

Bernard Malamud is a writer of novels and short stories often featuring American Jews living in New York City. Malamud's first novel, The Natural (1952) is his least typical. The Assistant (1957) is his most highly praised novel. In it, the young Italian assistant of an aged and suffering Jewish grocer moves from scorn to sympathy and eventual mythic identification with the old man and his religious values. The Fixer (1966) earned Malamud the Pulitzer Prize and his second National Book Award. Throughout his career Malamud published his short fiction in a wide variety of popular and literary magazines. His first collection, The Magic Barrel (1958) won the National Book Award for fiction; subsequent collections include Idiots First (1963), Pictures of Fidelman (1969), and Rembrandt's Hat (1973). After graduating from CCNY and earning an M.A. from Columbia University, Malamud taught evening high school in New York before accepting a position in the English department at Oregon State College. He later taught literature at Bennington College. (deceased, 3/18/86)

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