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Tom Mac Intyre

April 2001

Tom Mac Intyre took his undergraduate degree in English at University College Dublin. Over the last 28 years at least 25 of his plays have been produced in theatres all over Ireland, as well as in London, Paris, Russia and the United States. Mr. Mac Intyre has published volumes of short stories, one novel, a work of Irish history, as well as eleven radio and television plays. His work is characterized by a traditional sensibility, drawing on the age-old Irish myths, fables and a reverence for the literary aspects of theatre, as well as a desire to stretch the boundaries of contemporary theatre practice. Mac Intyre's newest work, The Gallant John Joe, is now on national tour in Ireland. Among his non-dramatic works are The Word for Yes, a collection of stories published in 1991, and Stories of the Wandering Moon, a volume of poetry published in 2000.


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