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Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1962 Speech at Dartmouth

Towards Freedom: A Multimedia Presentation

MLKMonday, January 20
9 am–3 pm, 105 Dartmouth Hall

In 105 Dartmouth Hall on the evening of May 23, 1962, an overflow audience rose to their feet to welcome Dr. King. His lecture on the state of the civil rights movement was the highlight of the year’s Great Issues course, then a core academic component for all seniors. King’s words, their meaning, and the passion with which only he could deliver them profoundly influenced those who attended the lecture. King’s speech was recorded on audiotape and is presented annually as a continuous multimedia production with images and video from the civil rights movement. The program loops approximately every hour on the hour.

This presentation is also available on the web at

Last Updated: 1/9/14