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Balla and Sekou Kouyate

HopStopWhat Sounds Can a Balafon Make?

A HopStop Family Event

Saturday, January 22
11 am–12 noon, Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center for the Arts

Balla Kouyate is considered to be among the greatest balafon players from the griot tradition in Mali. The balafon is a West African ancestor to the xylophone. Balla, who began playing the balafon at age six, shares the stage with his son Sekou, age four, who accompanies his father on the djembe drum. Try your hand playing the balafon and drums following the performance.

HopStops are entertaining, hands-on free programs introducing the youngest audiences to the wonders of the performing arts. For more information, please call (603) 646-2010.


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Last Updated: 1/6/11