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Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee
(603) 646-2923
HB 6236, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
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About the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

 Statement from the Co-Chairs on the 2015 MLK Celebration

"Just as lightning makes no sound until it strikes, the Negro Revolution generated quietly. But when it struck, the revealing flash of its power and the impact of its sincerity and fervor displayed a force of a frightening intensity. Three hundred years of humiliation, abuse and deprivation cannot be expected to find voice in a whisper. The storm clouds did not release a "gentle rain from heaven," but a whirlwind, which has not yet spent its force or attained its full momentum."
           Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Why We Can't Wait", 1963

This year's theme "Find a Voice in a Whisper" is a call to all who feel voiceless because you sense your words and thoughts are drowned out by the voices of anger and rage. Each year the tragic and unjust events that blanket our country and our world often leave many Americans feeling angry, disconnected, hopeless and gravely disappointed. Many feel that we have not made much progress in putting our energies into finding solutions to many of the problems that make life difficult for millions of human beings. Sometimes, however, solutions are offered in the voices of those who speak softly, who dream big but in near silence, those who do great deeds but far away from the public view. It is these compassionate warriors who we should seek out when we desperately need to choose a different path than the one we currently find ourselves travelling. Their whispers may lead us to the place that King might have called "The Promised Land." Participating in the January 2015 events will give us a chance to hear the whispers, learn from each other, and celebrate our differences as well as our commonalities, while we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King and the thousands of brave souls who worked with him to change the face of America and the world. Your presence is much appreciated and your voice needed, even if you speak in a whisper.

Evelynn M. Ellis & Molly St. Sauveur, Co-chairs
2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee

Last Updated: 9/23/14