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How I arrived at my research program

A brief review of the literature on economic development and growth (PDF)

Why conventional economic theory is of limited help in understanding economic development and growth (PDF)

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Comments welcome! In particular, if you catch errors of fact, see
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Commerce, predation, and production: a new theory of economic progress
(replaces "How and Why Economies Develop and Grow: Lessons from Preindustrial Europe and China")

The Origins of Western Economic Success:
Commerce, Finance, and Government in Preindustrial Europe


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A Finance Approach to Understanding Patterns of Land Tenure (PDF)
Payments and the Development of Finance in Preindustrial Europe (PDF)

Other Working Papers

An Empirical Measure of Asset Liquidity (PDF)
The Financial Constraint Theory of Money: A Progress Report (PDF)
Foster and Catchings and the Pollack Prize Essays: A Window on the Monetary Theory of the 1920's (PDF)