About Me

I am a third year graduate student working in computational astrophysics under the direction of Brian Chaboyer at Dartmouth College. My research focuses on the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Program (DSEP) code. The goal of my thesis is to develop a 3-D stellar evolution code inspired by the current 1-D model, integrating modules from the MESA (Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics) evolution code.

I attended Bucknell University from 2009 to 2013 and received Bachelor of Science degrees in both physics and mathematics. I have participated in three competitive summer research experiences since 2011: two in astrophysics and one in computational physics. During my first, I analyzed the emission patterns of three blazars at Bucknell Univeristy and presented my work at AAS. During my second, I tested PSF fitting responses in prototype software at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory under the direction of John Marriner. I recently returned from my third, where I spent the term at MIT working on computational physics problems as a software engineer for Lincoln Laboratory. Following this, I participated in a week-long intensive course in stellar evolution and MESA programming hosted at UCSB.

I have practice observing, but my background and work experience are primarily in theory. I spend most of my time as a "keyboard astronomer," developing with several languages daily (Python, bash, Perl, awk, IRAF, C, LaTeX, Fortran), and my repertoire is always expanding. When I'm not coding, I enjoy teaching hip hop dance and hiking with my dog.


Email: Meridith.Joyce.GR@Dartmouth.edu

Office: 221 Wilder Lab, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Phone: (484) 903 9464