The foure chief Places in Scripture,
which treat of Mariage, or Nullities in Mariage.


Gen.1.27.28. compar'd and explain'd by Gen.
Matth.5.31.32. with Matth.19. from the 3d v to the 11th
1 Cor.7. from the 10th to the 16th.

Wherin the Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, as was
lately publish'd, is confirm'd by explanation of Scrip-
ture, by testimony ofaancient Fathers, of civill lawes
in the Primitive Church, of famousest
Reformed Divines,

and lastly, by an intended Act of the Parlament and
Church of England in the last
yeare of EDWARD the sixth.

By the former Author J.M.

[—For if thou bring strange wisdom unto dullards
Useless thou shalt be counted and not wise
And, if thy fame outshine those heretofore
Held wise, thou shalt be odious in men's eyes]
Euripid.Medea [298-301]

Printed in the yeare 1645.