God in the * great * assembly stands
Of Kings and lordly States,
Among the gods † on both his hands
He judges and debates.

2 How long will ye * pervert the right [ 5 ]
With * judgment false and wrong,
Favouring the wicked by your might,
Who thence grow bold and strong?

3 * Regard the * weak and fatherless,
Dispatch the poor mans cause, [ 10 ]
And raise the man in deep distress
By † just and equal Lawes.

4 Defend the poor and desolate,
And rescue from the hands
Of wicked men the low estate [ 15 ]
Of him that help demands.

5 They know not nor will understand,
In darkness they walk on,
The Earths foundations all are * mov'd
And * out of order gon. [ 20 ]

6 I said that ye were Gods, yea all
The Sons of God most high;

7 But ye shall die like men, and fall
As other Princes die.

8 Rise God, * judge thou the earth in might, [ 25 ]
This wicked earth * redress,
For thou art he who shalt by right
The Nations all possess.