PSAL. VI. Aug. 13. 1653.

Lord in thine anger do not reprehend me,
Nor in thy hot displeasure me correct;
Pity me Lord for I am much deject,
Am very weak and faint; heal and amend me,
For all my bones, that even with anguish ake, [ 5 ]
Are troubled, yea my soul is troubled sore;

And thou, O Lord, how long? turn Lord, restore
My soul, O save me for thy goodness sake,
For in death no remembrance is of thee;
Who in the grave can celebrate thy praise? [ 10 ]
Wearied I am with sighing out my dayes,
Nightly my Couch I make a kind of Sea;

My Bed I water with my tears; mine Eie
Through grief consumes, is waxen old and dark
Ith' mid'st of all mine enemies that mark. [ 15 ]
Depart all ye that work iniquitie.
Depart from me, for the voice of my weeping
The Lord hath heard, the Lord hath heard my prai'r,

My supplication with acceptance fair
The Lord will own, and have me in his keeping. [ 20 ]
Mine enemies shall all be blank and dash't
With much confusion; then grow red with shame;
They shall return in hast the way they came
And in a moment shall be quite abash't.