PSAL. V. Aug. 12. 1653.

Jehovah, my words give ear,
My meditation waigh,
The voyce of my complaining hear,
My King and God, for unto thee I pray.

Jehovah thou my early voyce [ 5 ]
Shalt in the morning hear,
Ith' morning I to thee with choyce
Will rank my Prayers, and watch till thou appear.

For thou art not a God that takes
In wickedness delight, [ 10 ]
Evil with thee no biding makes;
Fools or mad men stand not within thy sight.

All workers of iniquity
Thou hat'st; and them unblest
Thou wilt destroy that speak a ly; [ 15 ]
The bloodi' and guileful man God doth detest.

But I will in thy mercies dear,
Thy numerous mercies go
Into thy house; I in thy fear
Will towards thy holy temple worship low. [ 20 ]

Lord lead me in thy righteousness,
Lead me because of those
That do observe if I transgress,
Set thy wayes right before, where my step goes.

For in his faltring mouth unstable [ 25 ]
No word is firm or sooth;
Their inside, troubles miserable;
An open grave their throat, their tongue they smooth.

God, find them guilty, let them fall
By their own counsels quell'd; [ 30 ]
Push them in their rebellions all
Still on; for against thee they have rebell'd;

Then all who trust in thee shall bring
Their joy, while thou from blame,
Defend'st them, they shall ever sing [ 35 ]
And shall triumph in thee, who love thy name.

For thou Jehovah wilt be found
To bless the just man still,
As with a shield thou wilt surround
Him with thy lasting favour and good will. [ 40 ]