PSAL. II. Done Aug. 8. 1653. Terzetti.

Why do the Gentiles tumult, and the Nations
Muse a vain thing, the Kings of th' earth upstand
With power, and Princes in their Congregations

Lay deep their plots together through each Land,
Against the Lord and his Messiah dear? [ 5 ]
Let us break off, say they, by strength of hand

Their bonds, and cast from us, no more to wear,
Their twisted cords: he who in Heaven doth dwell
Shall laugh, the Lord shall scoff them, then severe

Speak to them in his wrath, and in his fell [ 10 ]
And fierce ire trouble them; but I, saith hee,
Anointed have my King (though ye rebel)

On Sion my holi' hill. A firm decree
I will declare; the Lord to me hath say'd,
Thou art my Son I have begotten thee [ 15 ]

This day; ask of me, and the grant is made;
As thy possession I on thee bestow
Th' Heathen, and as thy conquest to be sway'd

Earths utmost bounds: them shalt thou bring full low
With Iron Scepter bruis'd, and them disperse [ 20 ]
Like to a potters vessel shiver'd so.

And now be wise at length, ye Kings averse,
Be taught ye Judges of the earth; with fear
Jehovah serve, and let your joy converse

With trembling; kiss the Son least he appear [ 25 ]
In anger and ye perish in the way,
If once his wrath take fire like fuel sere.

Happy all those who have in him their stay.