Psalm 136

Let us with a gladsom mind
Praise the Lord, for he is kind,
For his mercies ay endure,
Ever faithfull, ever sure.

Let us blaze his Name abroad, [ 5 ]
For of gods he is the God;
For, &c.

O let us his praises tell,
That doth the wrathfull tyrants quell. [ 10 ]
For, &c.

That with his miracles doth make
Amazed Heav'n and Earth to shake.
For, &c. [ 15 ]

That by his wisdom did create
The painted Heav'ns so full of state.
For his, &c. [ 20 ]

That did the solid Earth ordain
To rise above the watry plain.
For his, &c.

That by his all-commanding might, [ 25 ]
Did fill the new-made world with light.
For his, &c.

And caus'd the Golden-tressed Sun,
All the day long his cours to run. [ 30 ]
For his, &c.

The horned Moon to shine by night,
Amongst her spangled sisters bright.
For his, &c. [ 35 ]

He with his thunder-clasping hand,
Smote the first-born of Egypt Land.
For his, &c. [ 40 ]

And in despite of Pharao fell,
He brought from thence his Israel.
For, &c.

The ruddy waves he cleft in twain, [ 45 ]
Of the Erythræan main.
For, &c.

The floods stood still like Walls of Glass,
While the Hebrew Bands did pass. [ 50 ]
For, &c.

But full soon they did devour
The Tawny King with all his power.
For, &c. [ 55 ]

His chosen people he did bless
In the wastfull Wildernes.
For, &c. [ 60 ]

In bloody battail he brought down
Kings of prowess and renown.
For, &c.

He foild bold Seon and his host, [ 65 ]
That rul'd the Amorrean coast.
For, &c.

And large-lim'd Og he did subdue,
With all his over hardy crew. [ 70 ]
For, &c.

And to his Servant Israel,
He gave their Land therin to dwell.
For, &c. [ 75 ]

He hath with a piteous eye
Beheld us in our misery.
For, &c. [ 80 ]

And freed us from the slavery
Of the invading enimy.
For, &c.

All living creatures he doth feed, [ 85 ]
And with full hand supplies their need.
For, &c.

Let us therfore warble forth
His mighty Majesty and worth. [ 90 ]
For, &c.

That his mansion hath on high
Above the reach of mortall ey.
For his mercies ay endure, [ 95 ]
Ever faithfull, ever sure.