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Heather Croze, Dartmouth's Assistant Director of Sports Information will be interviewing Coach Bob Gaudet once a week during the season. The interviews will cover the past weekend's action, a preview of the upcoming games, and other topics. To play the interviews, you will need to have a QuickTime™ plug-in for your browser (version 4 or later). To listen to an interview click on the "click to listen to interview" image for the interview you want to hear. This image will then be replaced with an audio controller. If you see a controller, just click on the "start arrow" at the left of the controller to hear the interview. If you do not see a controller after clicking "click to listen to interview", you will need to download and install the QuickTime plug-in for your web browser. You can download this plug-in directly from Apple Computer. It is free and it runs on Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista and on the Mac OS (8/9/X).

Do you have a question for the coach? If so, you can now submit your question through this web site. Each week we will select a web question for the coach to answer. Just click here to ask your question. Please get your questions in early. We usually talk with Coach Gaudet on Monday morning, although the schedule varies.

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