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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Dean of Faculty Office
6045 Wentworth Hall, Room 110
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-2736 or (603) 646-2876
Fax: (603) 646-8190
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David LaGuardia

Title: Associate Profesor of French & Comparative Literature


Phone: 603 646 2402

Departmental Web site:  David LaGuardia


Medieval and Renaissance Studies Taught

  • COLT Love, Desire, Faith, and Individual Identity in Renaissance Literature
  • FRIT 22: Medieval and Renaissance Survey

Areas of Research Interest

  • Sixteenth-century French literature
  • Memoirs; biographies, pamphlets, and propaganda from the French Wars of Religion
  • First-person narratives
  • Literary and critical theory
  • The History of Subjectivity in Philosophy
  • American Popular Culture


  • Intertextual Masculinities in French Renaissance Literature: Rabelais, Brantôme, and the Cent nouvelles nouvelles (Forthcoming, Ashgate, 2008).
  • Trash: Essays in Popular Culture (Forthcoming, Xlibris, 2007).
  • “Meaning and Its Objects.” Volume of Essays co-edited with Margaret Burland and Andrea Tarnowski. Yale French Studies 110 (Fall, 2006).
  • Narrative Worlds: Essays on the French Nouvelle in 15th and 16th Century France. Volume of essays co-edited with Gary Ferguson (Tempe: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Arizona State University, 2005).
  • The Iconography of Power: the French Nouvelle at the End of the Middle Ages (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1999).



  • “On the Male Urge: Masculinity in Rabelais and Brantôme.” in Entre les hommes, edited by Todd Reeser and Lewis Seifert. (forthcoming, University of Delaware Press, 2008)
  • “Interrogation and the Performance of Truth in the Registre Criminel du Châtelet de Paris, 1389-1392.” In “Meaning and its Objects,” /Yale French Studies/ 110 (Fall, 2006), 152-162.
  • “French Renaissance Literature and the Problem of Theory: Alcofribas’s Performance in the Prologue to Gargantua.” EMF 10 (Spring, 2005), 5-38.
  • “Exemplarity as Misogyny: Variations on the Tale of the One-Eyed Cuckold.” Narrative Worlds: Essays on the French Nouvelle in 15th and 16th Century France (Tempe: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Arizona State University, 2005), 139-158.
  • “Doctor Rabelais and the Medicine of Scatology.” in Fecal Matters, ed. Jeff Persels and Russell Ganim (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2004), 24-37.
  • “Masculinity and Metaphors of Reading in the Tiers Livre.” “French Masculinities,” special issue of Esprit Créateur, ed. Todd Reeser and Lewis Seifert, Fall, 2003, Vol. XLIII, No. 3, 5-15.




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