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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Dean of Faculty Office
6045 Wentworth Hall, Room 110
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-2736 or (603) 646-2876
Fax: (603) 646-8190
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Carl B. Estabrook

Carl Estabrook

Title: Associate Professor of History
Office: 207 Carson Hall
Phone: 646-3138
Departmental Web Site: Carl B. Estabrook

Medieval and Renaissance Courses Taught

  • History 49: Early Modern England, 1485-1780
  • History 96: Topics in British History

Areas of Research Interest


  • Culture and society in the British Isles, c. 1450-1780


  • English cathedral cities, c. 1450-1700
  • Religious culture in the British Isles, c. 1450-1700
  • Lay/clerical relations in the British Isles, c. 1450-1700
  • Urban/rural interaction in the British Isles, c. 1450-1780
  • Print culture in England, c. 1480-1730
  • The British Atlantic world, c. 1480-1780

Important, Recent, and Major Publications

  • Urbane and Rustic England: Cultural Ties and Social Spheres in the Provinces, 1660-1780.
  • "Ritual, space and authority in seventeenth-century English cathedral cities," The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 32, No. 4 (Spring 2002).
  • "In the Midst of ceremony: cathedral and community in seventeenth-century Wells," Amussen and Kishlansky, eds. Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Early Modern England.
  • Book in progress: Cathedral and Community in England, 1580-1700.

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