MCB Alumni Q & A

Niranjan Bose, Ph.D.

Business Analyst at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What are you doing these days? Is it the job you envisioned yourself at when you graduated?

I am part of the Infectious Diseases Development Division, and work across a portfolio of grants in disease areas like TB, Diarrheal diseases and Pneumonia. I made a transition to consulting after I graduated from the MCB program, and right around the 3 year mark I made a decision to switch to the Gates foundation. When I started the program I figured I would end up with a pharma or biotech company.

Do you have any words of wisdom for current students to help them fulfill their career goals?

Words of wisdom...not too sure, but I do have some thoughts - try and leverage the flexibilities offered by the MCB program. Explore auditing courses and/or summer programs at Tuck/Dartmouth, if they are in line with your overall career path. Get involved in some extra-curricular and volunteer activities on campus.

Is there anything about the program you would like to see changed or modified?

A pie in the sky would be a PhD/MBA option. At the very least having the option to take at least 1 or 2 courses (as electives) at the Medical/Business/Engineering schools.

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