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The X10 project is part of an NSF-funded effort by the Department of Mathematics at Dartmouth College entitled Math Across the Curriculum, the goal of which is to better integrate the mathematical sciences into the undergraduate curriculum. The overall goal of the X10 portion of project is to provide resources for introductory courses in statistics that are taught in the context of the social science departments rather than in the setting of a mathematics or statistics department (these courses are all given the number 10 in the Dartmouth Course Catalogue, hence the term "X10").

Project affiliates include Dartmouth College faculty from sociology, psychology, economics, geography, engineering and mathematics, as well as from the biostatistics and epidemiology faculty of the Dartmouth Medical School. The members collaborate to produce instructional "modules" that can be used interchangeably in different introductory courses in statistics and integrate the most current technology available for teaching statistics.

One area of great interest is the use of data resources from the World Wide Web. This homepage serves as a entry point for X10 participants seeking network resources.

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