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College Course 11
Late Renaissance Thoughts & the New Universe

Math 5
Geometry in Art & Architecture
Unit 10. Celestial Themes in Art & Architecture

Tentative Syllabus for CoCo 9

Warning: there will be handouts and other readings besides those listed here! This is merely an outline of the course.

Day 1 Thursday 1-4-Y2K Discussion of history of science. Intro to lab. readings for next time. Tillyard. Palingenius.

Day 2 Tuesday 1-11 Discussion of Tillyard and Palingenius For next time: Recorde, book 1 of Copernicus (pp 1-25 in the reader)

Day 2.5 x-hour No Meeting this day

Day 3 Th 1-13 Book 1 of Copernicus. For next time: assorted research tasks and all to read Dee, the excerpt from Euclid and Copernicus excerpt from book 6.

Day 4 T 1-18 Start with a discussion of the lab/journal. Discussion of Copernicus. Math exercise based on C's "proof' of the behaviour of Venus (30 minutes). For next time: read Dee's intro to Euclid, excerpts from Kepler's Music of the Spheres

Day 4.5 X-hour W 1-19 Jonson's Masque


Day 6 T 1-25 Watch film of Jonson's Alchemist

Day 6.5 X-hour W 1-26 Discussion of Alchemist

Day 7 Th 1-27 John Dee's intro to Euclid's Elements, excerpts from Kepler's Music of the Spheres, exercise about retrograde motion, discussion of Brahe, for next time read Campanella, Bacon, Cavendish

Day 8 T 2-1 renaissance scifi discussion and reportage, for next time read Kepler's Somnium.

Day 8.5, W 2-2 watch french moonlanding film

Day 9 T 2-3 Kepler's Somnium, some metaphysical poets, perhaps some slides of period art, for next time read Siderius Nuncius and excerpts from Bruno's Ash Wednesday Supper, reread Osiander's intro to Copernicus

Day 10 T 2-8 Siderius Nuncius, Bruno, for next time read Brecht's Galileo and excerpts from Dialogues

Day 10.5, x-hour, W 2-9 begin discussion of Brecht's play

Day 11 Th 2-10 Brecht's Galileo, cont.

Day 12 T 2-15 Discussion of Dialogues, use of evidence and data, data from the time period, proposals for final paper topics due. For next time read excerpts from Ermer's book

Day 12.5, x-hour W 2-16 Brecht

Day 13 Th 2-17 Brecht

Day 14 T 2-22 Schemas, paradigms, Kuhn, discussion of Renaissance algebra, for next time read excerpt from Bacon on scientific advancement

Day 14.5, x-hour, 2-23 Brecht

Day 15 Th 2-24 Discussion of Bacon, in light of previous readings

Day 16 T 2-29

Day 16.5, x-hour, W 3-1 Brecht (production)

Day 17 Th 3-2 Brecht (production)

Day 18 T 3-7 wrapup

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